Forex Killer Signal Software Review

forex killer software

A signal generator or a program that does all the analytical work in finding trading signals for a chosen currency pair has plenty of merits as part of a trader’s broader trading system. A problem facing traders is when to correctly enter a trade if there is doubt over the strength of a signal.

Automatic and unbiased trading signals from the signal generating software helps eliminate the uncertainty of whether to enter into a trade.

By taking out the analytical work involved in technical analysis, traders can focus on other research areas, including price action and fundamental analysis. One of the best forex pickers is the forex killer.

Forex Killer Is A Signal Generator

As a signal generator, Forex Killer should not be confused with automated trade programs like Odin or Vader, which carry out the actual trading work.

Forex Killer requires a little more from you in this respect and is ideal for traders who want more control over their trades than an automated program that finds trading opportunities, acts on them, and then pulls out when that trade goes south.

To use Forex Killer, you need to have a basic knowledge of the forex market that extends to technical analysis.

Forex Killer works well to spot trends and signals

Dramatic names aside, Forex Killer is a very competent and powerful forex signal software tool designed by a successful forex trader called Andreas Kirsch Berger. Its algorithms, which it uses to trade, are based on several winning trading techniques, all bundled into one trend scouring forex picker.

Forex Killer also makes use of behavioral overlaps finding strong trends from the past and looking for similarities in the current market for a currency pair. Professional traders have always used historical data for trading directions regularly.

Forex Killer Key Features

  • Free lifetime software updates
  • An easy to understand software tool
  • Independent software that is compatible with many trading platforms
  • Works with wide ranging currency pairs
  • Suitable for both new and experienced FX traders


Traders report profitable outcomes using Forex Killer on signals generating a 75% probability and upwards.