Our Review of 1000pip Builder Forex Signals

How does 1000pip Builder Work?

1000 Pip Builder is a signal generator that offers up to 7 signals a day to subscribers across different trading sessions. The best forex signals are sent by SMS and email for market placement with clear instructions that are suitable for inexperienced as well as seasoned traders.

A strong performance verified by MyFXBook and excellent forex trader reviews from Trustpilot has led to 1000 Pip Builder becoming a popular signal generator subscription service.

Please read our full 1000pip builder review, one of the top signal generator’s we have extensively researched including feedback from real traders, and discover how 1000pip Builder can help with your forex trading.

What strategy does 1000pip Builder use?

black and white forex chart

The signals generated by 1000pip Builder base around three strategies: The primary strategy is ‘Trend Capture,’ and the other two are called ‘Range Trap’ and Momentum Rider.

The primary strategy identifies the long-term trend of a currency pair and trading opportunities by employing both fundamental and technical analysis. A trade recommendation is provided when chart patterns, short term momentum, and support & resistance levels support the long-term trend.

The range trap strategy focuses on forex markets where market conditions are ranging from forex signals based on a short to medium-term focus just using technical analysis. Momentum Rider, as the name suggests, focuses on momentum and entering trades early during a period of strong price movement.

Timeframes for price movement employed across the strategies range from a four-hour time frame for long term trades down to 15 minutes for short term plays. A focus for trading is the major currency pairs with a specialism towards Yen crosses, including USD JPY and EUR JPY. Stop losses and take profits are not adjusted when a trade is placed on the forex market with trust in the scientific analysis of correct trade levels.

Once 1000pip Builder has identified a market trade and placed it on their trading account, the signal is sent out to subscribers with a clearly defined trade entry price, and both take profit and stop-loss levels.

A video giving an overview of how 1000pip Builder works

If you have watch the video and would like to find out more about 1000pip builder you can visit the official website.

How good is the performance?

An important selling point of 1000pip Builder is its independently verified performance on respected site MyFXBook.com which over six months show 1935 pips of profit with a profit factor of 1.21 from 56% of winning trades. The risk-reward ratio varies between 1:1 and 1:4

Here is a screen print of a 6-month trading window that you can view in full at 1000 Pip Builder and which is independently verified by MyFXBook.

The pros and cons of 1000pip builder

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There are numerous advantages that the signal generator provides, the best of which we highlight for you:


  • Very easy to execute forex signals for manual placement
  • Freedom to use any forex broker to place the signals
  • Any trading platform can be of use to place trades including MT4
  • No software to install or forex robots to connect to use the service
  • No copy trade system to worry about and risk of incorrect trade placement ensuring the trader has full control
  • No minimum size is required to trade a forex signal

From our research, there appear to be few disadvantages to using 1000pip Builder, but we do feel that we should highlight possible weaknesses:


  • The volume of FX signals provided may not be sufficient for some traders using the service

Key features

1000Pip Builder is a low cost easy to operate signal generator. Here are the key features:

  • 60-day full money-back guarantee
  • Full customer support service
  • Subscription that can cancel at any time
  • Monthly or annual payment plans available
  • Trading signals offered to traders operating in all trading sessions
  • Easy to understand instructions on using the forex signal service
  • Clear, simple to read trade signals sent by SMS and email

Purchasing the 1000pip Builder

1000pips Builder is available to buy through Clickbank, the trusted payment processing, and vendor servicing platform.

Clickbank guarantees a full refund for up to 60 days from the purchase, which is significantly better for disappointed customers to get their money back instead of from the product providers themselves.

Clickbank also provides data on the refund rate of products sold to give an idea of customer satisfaction with a product. The refund rate is very low for the 1000pip Builder and pricing is from just $97 a month.

Setting up 1000pip Builder

1000 pips Builder is a manual signal generator service. There is no need to connect your trading account with a forex robot as with an automated forex signals service for trade placement. 1000pip builder forex signals are sent for you to act upon manually on your trading platform. The signals sent by email and SMS are easy to follow and place.

Following a customer sign-up, an instructional email is sent out explaining how the service operates, and trade forex signals will be sent from the following business day. For illustration purposes only, here is the standard format of a trade that you should expect to receive by email.

USDJPY – Long, Open Price: 107.50, Stop Loss: 107.00, Take Profit: 108.50

Trader feedback

1000pip Builder reviews on respected consumer feedback site Trustpilot, which is not typical for a forex software product and is a positive sign. The rating is 4 1/2 stars on Trustpilot, which is rated as excellent.

A common theme of the feedback is the excellent customer service and the high quality of the signals that lead to profitable trades. A small amount of negative feedback relates to the forex signals being a little on the infrequent side. Also, the method of communication by email could be enhanced by delivery through apps such as Whatsapp to remove the risk of emails going into junk folders.

Summary and review rating

As a service, 1000pip Builder forex signals are simple to implement and can be employed by beginners as well as seasoned traders. The trading performance is verified in MyFXBook to provide comfort for anyone investing in the service. Combined with excellent feedback, our software review for this signal generator rates it at four stars out of a possible five.