Seven Short Forex Trading Tips

There are so many fundamental forex trading tips that you will be aware of and try and take on board when you begin forex trading.

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We have included the following seven pointers that may be of value for your future trading endeavours if you are a beginner

Many new traders go on to make a good income from their trading. Why should you not be one of them!

1. Your trading style should reflect your personality

It would help if you found a profitable forex trading style that suits you and your personality. It can range from scalping to the other end of the spectrum, where you position trade holding trades for longer to follow a trend.

2. Never over trade

Only trade in amounts that you are comfortable with until you are completely confident with your ability to trade Forex. If you over trade, emotion rather than logic will start to rule your decisions.

3. Let a winning trade run

For profitable forex trading, once you have a winning trade, always let the trade and profits run. It’s essential to move your stop loss up as the market moves in your direction to protect your profit but let the trade run. Allow the market to decide when the trade is over.

4. Cut your losses quickly and accept them

and never move a stop loss on a losing forex trade. Once the trade goes against you, stick to your guns and keep rigidly to your original stop loss allowing you to get out of the trade and minimize your losses. It will ensure a profitable, forex trading career.

5. The trend is your friend

Some traders use contrarian strategies, but one of the best forex trading tips is the old saying – the trend is your friend. Effectively, once you have identified the direction of the market, always trade with the trend. Never get emotionally involved with any trade by trying to out-guess the market.

6. Always keep to the rules

An inexperienced trader will feel testing to the limit in times of high volatility. When the spot moves rapidly, losses can occur if a trader does not stick rigidly to their trading strategy. It includes

  • Always having a tight stop-loss
  • Trade with no more than 1% to 3% of your capital account
  • Never revenge trade following a loss

7. Keep a trading journal

A trading journal is essential to gauge your trading performances. The best traders are those that keep detailed records of trades. A journal can get a review at any time. If completed correctly, it will provide notes of emotions you felt when undertaking a trade. It will also flag up trades that are inconsistent with your overall trading strategy.