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The Ivybot is one of the many Forex robots that came out this year. Nowadays, people who are in the trading market business need a tool that is efficient and effective to help them with deals and investments in this field. Ivybot has been getting a lot of attention because of what it can do.

Ivybot is the product of the brilliant minds of a group made up of Ivy League graduates. When they were still in college, they had already entered the currency trading market. The combination of their knowledge in mathematics, computer programming and finance helped create the Ivybot Forex robot. This product is the result of their many years in the field of manual trading.

The IvyBot is a clever automated forex trading robot

The Ivybot used to be just for their personal Forex trading deals only, but they eventually introduced it to the public to help more people who are into the Forex trade marketing. Since its release, a lot of people have been curious as to how this product works. Let me enumerate a few features of the Ivybot trading software.

1. There are 4 robots that make up the Ivybot. Each one of these robots is designed to manage different currency pairs in the trading market. Just so you know, most trading software robots only have a single set of code that calculates different kinds of pairs. But the Ivybot has four, with each one tailored to handle different kids of currency pairs.

2. The Ivybot robot software costs $149.95 and is a one-time payment.

3. This Forex robot is updated regularly to keep up with the most recent changes that are happening in the Forex currency trading market. This feature is useful so as to minimize losses and avoid loser deals.

4. It can increase your starting deposit to up to 500% in just 190 days.

5. The Ivybot keeps track of the market conditions and movements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6. It has proven its efficiency after several tests and trials. Its features are fully optimized to give people high winning percentages. It can also provide unlimited updates to customers.

The Ivybot can make your investment experience simpler and easier. Even a new user who does not know much about Forex trading will not have much difficulty in figuring out how it works. It can help you make wise judgments and intelligent decisions to earn you more profits.