In Forex Trading You Need To Make Money Fast

Foreign Exchange is the world’s fastest-moving financial instrument. It is more volatile than equities, bonds, or commodities.

trader on a forex floor

The underlying Foreign Exchange spot market moves first when any news or economic data comes out. It has a knock-on effect as the derivatives market (derived from the underlying spot) starts to react to the underlying spot rate.

If you are a market participant in Foreign Exchange, whether your a Spot Trader, a Derivatives Trader, or a Sales Person, the brutal volatility of Forex burns your metabolism, it is punishing working from seven until five (the London Trading Day) every day.
Forex a short window of opportunity.

Forex Burns Your Metabolism Fast!

Due to the enormous pressure, a career in Forex is a short one, and you only have a short window of opportunity to make your money. It is not often you see forty-five or fifty-year-old Forex Traders still active on the trading floors of large Investment Banks. They may have moved off the floor into higher managerial positions or moved into slower-paced areas within Banking. It is also highly likely having made their fortune they are doing something else.

Forex: Get Ready For A Roller Coaster Ride

If you want to make money quickly, a career in Forex may be for you, but be prepared to take the rough with the smooth and be in for a roller coaster ride. Be ready to work hard, and if financial rewards do not come your way quickly, do not hang around, move into an area where you can enjoy a longer career.